Char you ready?

Color Palette:  Blue, Gunmetal, White

Extraordinary Stems of Choice:  Hydrangea & orchids

Event Name:  Char you ready?

Let’s get to it!

Blue, white, turquoise paired with gunmetal and sprinkled with a little bit of soccer was a winning combination at the Grove. Charley’s logos were famous quotes from women’s soccer, which we thought was amazing to brand across the room. Girly just enough. Our illuminated centerpieces were positioned in the center of the Lazy Suzan made of all white plexi. At the top, just enough flowers to finish it off. Grey and turquoise velvet was a warm fabric, and repeated throughout the adult and tween area’s.  We custom cut grey velvet linens for the adult tables, and carried the same fabric into Char’s lounge, covering the semi sectional couches and ottomans!  We created a little adult lounge area off the side of the room nearest the adult bar.  We heard that was used a lot.! Tip, adults love to get up from their tables and lounge a bit.  Charley’s mom is none other than Shari Schwartz, event planner and owner of socializeit. We had an amazing time working on her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, it was a true honor to have been asked!    A beautiful room for an extraordinary young lady. Char you ready?

Going with what is expected is considered “ordinary,” always push your event designer to approach your room with new concepts and out of the box designs to make your next event “anything But Ordinary”… or as we like to say Extraordinary…

Vendor Line Up:

Event Stylist:



Photography & Video:

Event Planner:  socializeit   shari schwartz   973.380.3221

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