Color Palette:  Red, Black & Metal

Extraordinary Stems of Choice:  Mini Calla Lilies, Hydrangea and Orchids


Let’s get to it!

So much to say about this Bar Mitzvah décor. We built so many new and exciting elements we could not wait to show you!  We worked around the family’s last name Braun and the love of music. We transformed the Westminster into a gorgeous, rich, warm, and inviting club themed room. Pipe and drape in silver lame, paired with black velvet lounge.  We created two back bars; one for Ilan and one for the adults which were show stoppers! Both flanked on either side of the dance floor, we created a new way to illuminate just the letters on the plexi back bars. Very custom and oh so extraordinary! Metal bar stools (I am sure you noticed), and the rich red calla lilies were just to die for! Our custom designed DJ booth made of mirror and lights was the crowning jewel of this event. We loved working with our client to create a gorgeous black vinyl dance floor wrap. We ran the logo end to end down the middle.  Interesting way to wrap it!  Take a peek, we didn’t miss a beat!

Going with what is expected is considered “ordinary,” always push your event designer to approach your room with new concepts and out of the box designs to make your next event “anything But Ordinary”… or as we like to say Extraordinary…

Vendor Line Up:

Event Stylist:





Event Planner:  Shelli Stelmak    917-453-1880     Your Party, Planned!

Party Swag:

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