One Enchanted Evening

Color Palette:  The Rainbow !

Extraordinary Stems of Choice:  Roses upon roses!

Event Name:  One Enchanted Evening!

Let’s get to it!

Once upon a time, not too long ago.. in a place where we bring dreams to life, we set forth on a cold snowy day in March to set up one enchanted room.  Truly an enchanted forest, with all the delicate touches and a few unexpected ones as well, like fireflies captured in small lanterns, to porcelain birds hidden around the table. The amazing fragrance of roses upon roses surrounded us for days, paired with all the elements we were putting together had us believing in fairy tale’s again.   We suspended centerpieces from the ceiling and hung gorgeous tea lights from them, moss touches to the tabletop paired with wood candlesticks, gold pillar candles and of course more roses. Wood chairs, petal linens and wood top tables made for great accent elements in the room. The five foot tall frame designed as the escort card display paved in roses and orchids warmed the hearts of this very special family & their guests.

Going with what is expected is considered “ordinary,” always push your event designer to approach your room with new concepts and out of the box designs to make your next event “anything But Ordinary”… or as we like to say Extraordinary…

Vendor Line Up:

Event Stylist:





Event Planner:

Party Swag:

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